From the enormity of Fractionation Towers to the smallest Pressure Vessel or Oil Cooler our group of companies has vast experience throughout this competitive sector. At the time of going to press the UK has six major oil refineries around strategic coastal locations. Vessco has manufactured products for each and every one of them is an approved vendor, for one category or another at all these sites. Akin to their upstream counterparts these sites are rightfully selective about who they trust to design and manufacture pressure retaining and heat transfer equipment, the consequences of getting it wrong are of course too significant.

A panoramic image of Grangemouth petrochemical plant in central Scotland.

To this end Vessco’s HSE&Q systems have come under the highest possible scrutiny over the years and in addition to satisfying inspection authorities such as Lloyds or TUV, we of course strive to satisfy the site specific requirements of each and every operator too.

We have vast experience in this sector across the full range of our products. Our holistic approach to managing projects on many refining and petrochemical sites has proven successful time and time again.