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From our Bridgend (South Wales, UK) facility we design and manufacture pressure vessels and pressurised columns for the petroleum, nuclear power, water and petrochemical industries, as well as a variety of shop-built carbon steel and stainless steel storage tanks and drums.

Transporting large pressure vessels by road

By VesscoEngineering | Apr 19, 2024

Transporting the largest pressure vessels by road is a complex task, as regulations on safety, size, weight, and dimensions need to be kept. With tight corners, bridges and tunnels being common obstacles on UK roads, careful route planning, and co-operation with local transport authorities and haulage companies is needed to ensure a safe and legally…

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How Often Should Pressure Vessels be Tested?

By VesscoEngineering | Feb 22, 2024

All types of pressure vessel in the oil and gas, water treatment, nuclear power and indeed all engineering sectors require routine testing to ensure they continue to meet industry regulations of safety and quality. Different types of pressure vessel will need testing at different times and frequencies, depending on the material they are made from,…

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Vessco Engineering Update

By VesscoEngineering | Jan 25, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Vessco Engineering have been able to return to our building as of this morning and, whilst we may have a few little niggles to work through due to the loss of power etc, we are essentially now back to normal working. Our Project Engineers will communicate with you individually…

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Vessco Engineering Update

By VesscoEngineering | Jan 22, 2024

This statement is to advise that on Friday night there was a large fire at the Bridgend Industrial Estate where Vessco Engineering is based. Luckily there was no injury to any persons and our building wasn’t damaged, but the fire was in the building opposite us and has led to ongoing access issues. At the moment the…

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Fit For Nuclear – Case study

By digiadmin | May 26, 2023
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By VesscoEngineering | Jul 8, 2021

Abingdon-based pressure-vessel fabrication specialist LTi Metaltech acquires Bridgend-based Vessco Engineering Ltd  The award-winning fabrication business, LTi Metaltech, completed the acquisition recently, with the former owner of Vessco Engineering, Julian Vance-Daniel, remaining in the combined group in a senior Business Development role. LTI Metaltech were ably supported and advised throughout the acquisition process by Oxford-based Shaw…

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Essential Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

By VesscoEngineering | Jan 4, 2021

Pressure vessels must be designed and manufactured to operate safely at a specified pressure andtemperature, as the risks of poor design are significant. Pressure vessels that are unable towithstand the stresses caused by pressure and temperature extremes could fail, causing them torupture or explode. For this reason, pressure vessel manufacturers are bound by the EuropeanUnion’s…

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5 Effective NDT Methods for Pressure Vessels

By VesscoEngineering | Aug 11, 2020

As pressure vessels often contain fluids and gases that are hazardous or toxic, any vessel leak or failure risks becoming a serious health and safety incident. Fortunately, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods are available to identify any damage or flaws in the vessels that could cause such an event. The development and implementation of an NDT…

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By VesscoEngineering | Jun 3, 2019

For our team of engineers at Vessco, one of the most exciting developments of the past year was our successful tender to supply pressure vessels to the Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Plant. Hinckley Point C, as the power station is formally known, is still in its early stages, although work at the site is well underway.…

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By VesscoEngineering | May 22, 2019

A pressure vessel is ideally designed to hold liquids and gases at a much higher pressure than the normal atmospheric pressure. Industrial pressure vessels can be extremely large and pose the threat of fatal accidents. Therefore, the design of pressure vessels is strongly regulated around the world, especially in high-risk industries. Corrosion can be a…

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