Our projects range from single replacement pressure vessels for established plants, to multiple vessel orders for entirely new sites – in the UK and overseas.


Vessco possesses considerable experience in the manufacture of pressurised columns for the petroleum, LNG, petrochemical and nuclear power industries. Our columns can be fabricated in carbon steel, stainless steel, clad materials or nickel alloys.

Types of column include:

  • Distillation column
  • Fractionating columns
  • Filtration columns
  • Amine regenerator columns
  • Scrubbing columns
  • Demethaniser columns
  • Deaerator columns


      These very large vessels, which can be over 125 feet in length and weigh more than 40 tonnes, often pose a problem for road transportation. At Vessco we use specialist road transport vehicles and high level transport routes to dockside facilities (at Swansea and Barry in South Wales, UK) ensuring that even the largest columns can be shipped out to clients around the world with minimal forward planning.


      An important part of pressure column manufacturing is assembly on site. This requires careful planning, as many of our projects involve replacement sections for existing columns.


      When a section needs replacing for an existing column, the parts are manufactured in the UK, shipped to client locations and assembled on site by our specialist team of pressure engineers, who project manage the build in collaboration with the plant operator and local installation and maintenance partners.

      Recent renovation/replacement projects include:

      • Bottom replacement sections (weighing 40 tonnes and shipped to two sites in North Africa)
      • Skirt replacement
      • Reboiler sections
      • Lower fractionation sections


      Repairing an existing column is frequently faster and cheaper than investing in a new unit. Restoring an old unit on site may include dismantling installed columns, removing pipework, insulation, platforms, ladders and instrumentation.

      Our team are experienced in cutting and welding thick walled steel columns on site, prepping edges and installing replacement sections.

      Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

      The design and manufacture of pressure vessels is Vessco’s core business. 


      Our columns can be fabricated in carbon steel, stainless steel, clad materials or nickel alloys.

      Skid Packages

      The assembly of small, large, simple and complex pressurised skid packages.

      Heat Exchangers Manufacturing

      We design and manufacture high quality shell and tube heat exchangers and air coolers.

      Tanks, Drums & Silos

      Producing a variety of shop-built carbon steel and stainless steel storage tanks, silos and drums.

      Structural and General Fabrications

      We can use plating and welding of steel – to manufacture products for a variety of different uses.