Skid Packages

The assembly of small, large, simple and complex pressurised skid packages forms a significant part of our work at Vessco.

We have specialist fabrication facilities and a diverse set of skills, enabling us to undertake a wide range of projects.

Mechanical Equipment

Our shop assembled skid units include mechanical and electrical equipment such as:

  • High and low pressure pipe work
  • Heaters, Exchangers, Vessels
  • Bursting discs, instruments
  • Pumps and valves
  • Junction boxes, control panels
  • Pneumatic tubing and manifolds


Our vessels and heat exchangers can be skid mounted and are used in a variety of systems, including;

  • Oil & gas metering
  • Oil/water separation
  • Bio-fuel incineration
  • Produced water hydrocyclone or degasser & CFU packages
  • Seawater course and fine filtration
  • Compressor skids