Vessco Engineering Update

This statement is to advise that on Friday night there was a large fire at the Bridgend Industrial Estate where Vessco Engineering is based. Luckily there was no injury to any persons and our building wasn’t damaged, but the fire was in the building opposite us and has led to ongoing access issues.
At the moment the Fire Service are still carrying out investigations as it is believed that arson was the cause and they are also making safe the areas around the building. In addition, power to the Industrial Estate has also been disconnected and electricians are working to find out if there is heat damage and to reinstate normal services as soon as possible.
This has understandably led to considerable challenges for Vessco and we are working to get basic comms back in place and setting ourselves up in an external office. We don’t currently have access to our server due to the power outage but we should soon have emails active again for most of our office team.
We are hoping to gain access to our site by Wednesday 24th January at the latest (according to the latest advice from the Police & Fire Service on site) and return to full production at soon as possible. 
Once we have further information available, we will communicate with you again and keep you updated as we resume normal service but please do bear with us as we navigate the unfortunate situation.

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