Vessels, exchangers and packaged skid solutions are required in most (manufacturing processes) process industries, in one form or another. As well as our range of general vessels we also specialise in numerous different sectors

The inevitable space restraints and harsh environmental conditions of most upstream operations only provide more challenges throughout our design and manufacturing processes. With a wealth of off shore experience throughout our group of companies we’re confident in our ability to match and exceed the requirements of the most seasoned contractor and operator in this ever challenging market.

With demonstrable design and manufacturing experience in an array of materials from duplex stainless steels through alloys 400, 825, 6Mo and various grades of titanium, there are few fabrications for Vessco to be afraid of. Amongst our customers you will note some of the household names on the UK continental shelf such as BP, Apache and Talisman Energy. If you’d like to know a little more about what we’ve done for such companies click on the Experience List below and we’ll send you a detailed synopsis of what we’ve done, for whom, at what value and what the technical challenges involved.


From the enormity of Fractionation Towers to the smallest Pressure Vessel or Oil Cooler our group of companies has vast experience throughout this competitive sector. At the time of going to press the UK has six major oil refineries around strategic coastal locations. Vessco has manufactured products for each and every one of them is an approved vendor, for one category or another at all these sites. Akin to their upstream counterparts these sites are rightfully selective about who they trust to design and manufacture pressure retaining and heat transfer equipment, the consequences of getting it wrong are of course too significant. To this end Vessco’s HSE&Q systems have come under the highest possible scrutiny over the years and in addition to satisfying inspection authorities such as Lloyds or TUV, we of course strive to satisfy the site specific requirements of each and every operator too.

We have vast experience in this sector across the full range of our products, click on the link below if you require more details, review the list below or simply take a glance at what our other clients have to say. Our holistic approach to managing projects on many refining and petrochemical sites has proven successful time and time again.


Whilst involved in planning for the UK’s future Nuclear New Build cycle, we literally have our products all over the world in existing Nuclear, Coal Fired and Hydro Electric PowerStation’s. Vessco has produced vessels, tanks and drums for a number of power stations in the UK and Ireland. Examples include blow down tanks, pipe spools, air receivers and storage tanks.


The water industry uses a surprising array of pressure vessels in both the waste water and the potable water treatment sectors. Vessco has worked with specialist engineering companies supplying the UK’s water corporations. The regulations concerning effluent flows and water quality tighten in successive decades, which impose high capital expenditure programmes to upgrade existing facilities or new build plant.

Vessco Engineering manufacture DWI approved vessels and tanks for water utilities throughout the UK


Vessco Engineering has been awarded a contract for two very large pressure vessels for the turbine island at Hinkley C Power Station (HPC). The vessels are deaerators and feed water tanks and each weigh over 330 tonnes – so large that they will need to be shipped in sections and completed on site. Vessco Engineering is a member of the Wales Nuclear Forum and has been awarded the prestigious Fit for Nuclear standard.

Vessco Engineering has already completed some small contracts for HPC and expects the civil nuclear market to contribute about 30% of its turnover for most of the 2020s and perhaps beyond. In working towards the F4N standard the company made sweeping changes to its management style and practice, ensuring that all employees feel part of the team and all actively contribute to the current and future success of the business. Material identification and provenance is important in the manufacture of all pressure equipment, but this takes on an even higher importance in manufacturing products for the nuclear industry. Product cleanliness and welding perfection are also imperatives in this market place but the most important factor demanded by principals and Tier 1 contractors is Safety – for workers and users of equipment.